Briar 899

World Champion Briar 899

Highest Ranked Swedish Dressage Stallion in the World




Briar has always been a top contender upon entering the International Dressage arena.  From year 2000 to present, Briar is the only stallion that has consistently competed in top form.

Briar has retired as the World’s Champion, but through his offspring this proven stallion’s accomplishments continue to excel in the competition ring and breeding station.

He is truly a “Once in a lifetime stallion.”

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  • “Best Swedish Horse, all categories”           .  Swedish Equestrian Federation
  • “Dressage Horse and Rider of the Year”     (several  times)
  • “World’s #1 highest ranked Dressage Stallion of the Year” WBFSH  7 years
  • “World’s #2 ranked Dressage Stallion of the Year” 2003
  • Highest ranked Swedish Dressage Horse for 4 years
  • Highest ranked Swedish Dressage Stallion for 8 years
  • #1 Stallion on B.L.U.P. Index  for offspring evaluation in Overall points (includes many of Germany’s top sires)  2005
  • 12 Approved sons  in 4 different countries, 2 being Sweden stallion test winners (receiving 10’s for rideability and gaits). ISOS being one of them.
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