Isos Levi

Levi Champ 3


Born: 06-09-2007
Sire: ISOS, Swedish Warmblood
Dam: Sunny Myrt xx, Thoroughbred
Owner: Roberta Testor of Annandale MN
For Sale: Sold
Comments: Levi is now 7 yrs old, 17.3 hh and starting his show career –
2013, Levi one both the Training and First Level Open Championship at the 2013 CSDEA fall festival ridden by Jaime Wiklander.  Also took fourth place in the Training Level AA division ridden by his owner Roberta.  Congratulations to both Roberta and Jaime.
2014, Levi did terrific at the fall festival.   First Level with owner Roberta:  Test 2- 70.405 (3rd place).  With trainer Jamie: Second Level Test 3  Sat.  73.81 (second place)  and Sun. 69.762 (first place).  Congratulations on a terrific job!
2015,Alpine 6/28/15

Roberta – Levi  1st-T1    67.778 1st. place
Roberta – Levi 1st –T3   62.5   3rd place
Jaimie – Levi 2nd – T1   68.778   1st. place

Alpine 6/29/15
Roberta – Levi   1st – T1   65.556   1st place
Roberta – Levi 1st– T3   66.029 1st place
Jaimie – Levi 2nd-T1   68.902   2nd place