Meet our Staff

001-1eShirley Svendsen

Head Trainer

Shirley is the head trainer at Faith Hope Love Riding Academy.  She possesses a kind loving personality that both horse and rider can appreciate.  Shirley has the ability to help you and your horse in any discipline.  Her main focus is dressage training and competition.  She has trained horses up through  FEI levels for many years.  In addition to her own accomplishments in the show ring she has many students who are proving  to be quite successful.  Shirley primarily shows her Swedish Warmblood stallion  Isos.  They have competed all across the country, from Lexington to Los Angeles.  Look for them in the show ring.


Lynne PicLynne Dalbec

Farm Manager

With a love for all animals and people Lynne is uniquely qualified to care for the animals at the farm.  Having always had a special spot in her heart for the mare’s and foals, her gentle handling has molded them into kind and loving horses.  Lynne has thoroughly enjoyed working with all of the young girls (and boys) who have come to help on the farm, teaching them to care for and handle the horses.  She has also been a strong mentor.  Lynne always comes with to the shows to help the horses and riders,  she has been a real blessing.  Not only helping riders  get ready, but also providing much needed emotional support.  Also a dog lover, her dogs are always ready to greet you when you come to the farm.


Willi Champ 2Jaclyn Thorston

Assistant Trainer/Photographer

Jaclyn has been a long time student at Faith Hope Love Riding Academy.  She showed on the WSCA circuit for 10 years, and is now becoming a successful dressage competitor.  Jaclyn’s 2013 show season ended with her winning the open Training Level championship class at the 2013 CSDEA Fall Festival.  Jaclyn also has a truly natural gift for art and photography.  She has recently begun drawing commissioned pet portraits.  in addition, she loves photographing the horses at shows or around the farm.  Some of the photos featured on our website were taken and published by her.

Bella-Champ-6Christina Alman

Marketing & Web Designer/Assistant Trainer

Christina applies her passion for horses in both her riding and marketing design.  Christina  competed successfuly for many years in dressage.  After taking a few years off to start a family she is now back in the show ring.  Christina works full time as an administrative assistant at a local business and has applied the skills she has learned in her current position to update the farm’s website and promote the horses.  Christina loves to show and is working towards becoming a full time trainer and competitor.  She is also starting to promote her marketing skills outside the farm and is hoping to use her passion for horses to help other farms and riders promote their businesses.